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The Perfect 6-Minute Abs Workout

The fatty layer that covers your abs can miraculously disappear, but you need to put in work. If you want to trim your waist you need to sweet your way out of it. The single realistic way to lose belly fat is by adopting a proper diet and do the …

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The BEST 4 Exercises to LOSE the Inner THIGH Fat

Do these exercises if you want to get rid of the inner thigh fat fast. [expand title=”Show more text”] COSSACK SQUAT Stand with your feet much wider than shoulder width and squat as much as you can to the left. Turn your right toes up and flex the right foot. …

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If you have fat around your belly, you know it is time to do something about it. The causes of belly fat are many, and they include overeating, poor metabolism, genetics, hormonal changes, dining late at night, stress etc. [expand title=”Show more text”] We present you some great exercises that …

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