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Reduce your Belly Fat while you Sit with these 5 Chair Exercises

These exercises are great for people that spend most of their time sitting at work and they will help you get in shape while sitting.

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The fitness trainer Denise Austin reveals these 5 simple exercises for busy women and workaholics.

  1. Pull your right knee in and then take it down. Repeat with the left knee. Use your abs to pull the knee to your chest. This simple exercise gets the lower tummy too.
  2. This time you have to bring both your knees to your chest in the same time. It work your whole tummy so be sure you contract your abs.
  3. This one is similar to number 2, but this time you bring your knees to your right side. This exercise is great for the waistline, an area many women have problems with. Repeat the exercise, but this time on the left side. You should feel it in the waistline.
  4. While you sit, hold your arms bent with the fists at shoulder height and rotate your waistline to right and then left. This exercise keeps the circulation through the spine.
  5. Extend your arms at shoulder height, keeping them straight. With your left hand reach for the right toe, return and then, with the right hand, touch the left toe. Keep your feet flat on the floor

We have an extra exercise for those who want a real challenge: reach the handles of your chair and try to lift yourself with your knees bent. You should keep yourself in the air only using your arms and engage your abs to keep your knees close to the chest. Keep the position for 20 seconds.


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