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How to Get Rid of Double Chin Quick and Easy

We know some ways you can get rid of the double chin and look your best every day! You don’t need to spend lots of money on expensive creams and treatments. You only have to try some of these awesome tips.

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These exercises will help you strengthen your jaw, neck and chin muscles. Repeat them every day and don’t forget to relax your chin and mouth before and after by opening and closing your mouth gently.

  • The ladle. Open your mouth wide and bend your lower lip inward. Close the mouth as you pull the jaw forward. Do these steps slowly.
  • Stick it out. Open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out slowly, counting to five. Reach as far as possible and bring the tongue back while counting to five. Do 10 reps.
  • The kiss. Tilt your head upward, extend your lips and do a kissing motion.
  • Touch the nose. Try to touch your nose with the tongue.
  • Jaw jut. Tilt your head back and look toward the ceiling. Push the lower jaw forward and keep the position 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times.
  • Place your fists under your chin and push down with your chin while the fists provide resistance. Hold for 5 seconds.
  • Chin slap. Slap your lower jaw carefully with the back of your hand. Repeat 30 seconds.
  • The perfect oval. Turn your head to one side while pushing the jaw forward. Hold a few moments and repeat on the other side.

You can try lots of other different exercises, or you can try the food and massage way:

-Chew gum;

-Massage with cocoa butter;

-massage with wheat germ oil;

-prepare a mask with two egg whites, a tbsp. of honey, a tbsp. of lemon juice and a tbsp. of milk.

-use milk to massage;

-drink green tea.


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